Flygvärdinnans svar på dina frågor

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Jag ligger i hotellsängen med en mindre huvudvärk som resultat av uttorkning från dagens solande vid poolen. Jag ska nu vila upp mig inför morgondagen då vi ska flyga hem igen.

Jag avslutar kvällen med några svar på standardfrågor man får i flygbranschen:

  • Not all male flight attendants are gay. Just most of them.
  • In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure margarine cups will descend from the ceiling.  Stop screaming, grab the mask, and pull it over your face.  If you have a small child traveling with you, secure your mask before assisting with theirs.  If you are traveling with more than one small child, then pick your favorite.
  • The Mile High Club is only worth it for the story, not the sex.
  • To operate your seatbelt, insert the metal tab into the buckle, and pull tight.  It works just like every other seatbelt.  If you don’t know how to operate one, you probably should not be out in public unsupervised.
  • If I’m smiling it means that I like you, I hate you or I don’t care about you.
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